How Many Times Have You Had This Thought?
 “I can’t stand selling.”  Here’s Your Solution...
Become the Most TRUSTED, Most RESPECTED and most LIKED Homebuilder or Renovator!
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The video is worth your time if you want more business.  It explains how this new customized sales and marketing tool will help you get and close more deals.   

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Hi I'm Ford Saeks, Business Growth Innovator... but this site isn't about me, it's about YOU. 

We know that most contractors and home renovators hate the selling process, as do most business owners, but regardless, letting people know what's special about you and your services is a critical part of your business growth.  Creating trust and building credibility is what sets you apart from the competition.  Otherwise, your just seen as a  commodity, where the lowest price wins. 

You know that's just B.S.    You don't want the lowest price to be your differentiation, but what is a prospect do think and do if you don't help them see why you're different from the other options in your area?

Of course you love to get business from referrals.  Simple right? You produce great results, people tell others and you get calls.    But how much business are you losing to the competition, or because your referral sources don't have an easy way to recommend you, or when you meet with a prospect, you focus so much on the project or job details, and don't leave the prospect with concrete (no pun inteneded) ways to know what makes you special and what are the best 21 critical questions to ask your home builder or renovator.

Let me get straight to the point.     

You can now get powerful customized books with YOUR name, Your LOGO,  and YOUR company details to use to hand out to prospects and referral sources. 

These can be EXCLUSIVELY YOURS. Right now, we’re only allowing 1 Homebuilder or 1 Renovator in your area to have their own custom TrustBook. 

Think about it.  Once you are armed with your own books, you can hand them out to prospects when you meet them or with the job proposal. They help you stand out from the competition and get more deals. Period.

In addition, other contractors & renovators have also used them to mail to top prospects that are sitting on the fence and the Trustbook is the nudge they needed to seal the deal.   Some even use them at home shows and networking events.  

Trustbooks stand out. They get read and give you a reason to start the conversation, capture leads and improve your follow up processes.   Simply put, they help you make more money.

Whether you reached this page from seeing me present a keynote presentation at your industry conference,  a webinar, from our Facebook Ads, or direct mail campaign... you now have a chance to claim your exclusive area.  The ball is in your court. We want you to win more business!


Ford Saeks
Business Growth Innovator.
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Handing your prospects a book (authored by YOU) answering their questions and exposing all the “Dirty Little Secrets” that other contractors are doing gives you a HUGE ADVANTAGE over every other contractor in your area!
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